The Oostende Declaration

Calling for concerted international and intergovernmental efforts to create a robust, resilient, and sustainable surface ocean observing system, the monumental Oostende Declaration is a culmination of a vigorous workshop held in early November 2023 in Belgium and hosted by VLIZ – Flanders Marine Institute. Several of our OceanICU colleagues–Richard Sanders, Siv Lauvset, Andy Watson and Marion Gehlen–participated, along with 100  + ocean experts and stakeholders from different international groups who joined forces to workshop how to streamline activities along the ocean carbon value chain, specifically around measuring carbon dioxide in the sea surface.

With the increased focus on the role of the ocean’s role in regulating climate change, there is a greater demand for data concerning the ocean carbon flux, and therefore creating the need for the community of scientists involved in various aspects of the value chain to come together and plan how to deliver this data in a more effective way.

OceanICU partners Richard Sanders, Siv Lauvset, Andy Watson and Marion Gehlen attended the ISOC/SOCAT workshop hosted by VLIZ in Oostende, Belgium in early November 2023 as part of initiative across many projects and many different international groups