Daniel Mayor

WP4 | University of Exeter

Daniel is a Biological Oceanographer based in the UK. Research in his group uses a combination of observations, experiments and models to deliver improved understanding of how organisms drive global biogeochemical cycles and how they are influenced by environmental change. His work within OceanICU WP4 is examining how marine zooplankton mediate ocean carbon storage by i) describing how their vertical distribution varies throughout the Atlantic Ocean, using the Atlantic Meridional Transect as a sampling platform, and ii) quantifying the rates at which they convert their food into carbon dioxide via respiration. He is Professor of Aquatic Biology and Biogeochemistry at the University of Exeter, and previously led the Marine Ecosystem Processes group at the National Oceanography Centre, UK. Check out his Instagram page through the link below to see some of the weird and wonderful creatures that he works with.

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