Matteo Mikos

WP1 | Seascape Belgium

Matteo is trained in chemical oceanography, environmental management, GIS data analysis and management. He holds an MSc in Marine Sciences from Utrecht University, Netherlands with a specialisation in chemical oceanography as well as an MSc in Environmental and Resource management from the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands with a specialisation in Ecosystems and Biodiversity management.

Before joining Seascape Belgium as a Junior GIS officer, Matteo has studied various aspects of marine and coastal environments, including, nature-based coastal management solutions, chemical exchanges at the sediment-water interface and deep-sea phosphorus cycles as well as modelling of tidal systems and coastal geomorphological evolution.

During his second degree in Amsterdam Matteo focused on applying his scientific knowledge to coastal ecosystems and biodiversity management, he was trained in the use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) for acquiring and analysing environmental data. And focused on coupled terrestrial-marine processes.

Within OceanICU, Matteo is pleased to work under WP1 for supporting communication and dissemination activities.


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