Prof. Xosé Antón Álvarez Salgado

WP4 | CSIC Institute of Marine Research

Antón Salgado is involved in WP4, parameterising apparent oxygen utilisation rates in the mesopelagic ocean from water temperature, substrate supply and quality, and dissolved oxygen levels. The aim is double, to consolidate knowledge about mesopelagic respiration at 103 km-spatial and 101 y-time scales, and to provide new parameterisations for the global ocean biogeochemical models of WP6. He is an ocean chemist interested in the production, transformation and fate of suspended and dissolved organic matter in the global ocean, using elemental, optical, isotopic and molecular characterisation techniques, combined with experimentation and modelling approaches (inverse methods, box modelling). He is the head of the Organic Geochemistry Lab in the CSIC Marine Research Institute (Vigo, Spain) and is the current coordinator of the Marine Sciences and Technology program in the Spanish Research Agency

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