Science is Wonderful

The EU4Ocean Stand, The ROBO-IGUANA stand by Mrudul Chellapurath, the Oceanografi Na Otoku stand with oceanographers Maja Karlovic and Natalija Dunić and OceanICU colleague Maria Angel.

On April 25th, at the Science is Wonderful event in Brussels, we engaged with teachers and early career scientists from across Europe to celebrate the importance of science and to discuss OceanICU’s aim to ensure educational pathways are forged to keep students and teachers abreast of new knowledge.

At the Oceanografi Na Otoku stand, we talked to oceanographers who demonstrated experiments to determine the salinity and temperature of water, offering a glimpse into the important world of ocean observation. It was inspiring to see visiting students on their school field trips excited about doing the experiments and hear the enthusiasm the scientists had for discussing it.

We also saw a demonstration of Robo Iguana, a robotic device for exploring the seabed that researchers can control from about the surface, (very popular with the young visitors), and at the EU4Ocean stand, we discussed the need to ensure Ocean Literacy is taught in schools and that events like this are open to educate the general public too.

Science is Wonderful was a vibrant event filled with engaging experiments and activities to introduce young minds to many different scientific disciplines, which will hopefully play a vital role in inspiring young students to explore the path of ocean science. 

It was also a great opportunity to engage with the dedicated early career scientist and share with them the OceanICU mission with some links to curated reads here.