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If you are interested in learning about the ocean carbon cycle and how leading European scientists are currently engaged in research to fill fundamental knowledge gaps to help policy makers better manage our climate, check out the specially curated content we have prepared for our Science is Wonderful visitors.

Check out our post webinar digital swag bags for information and links to informative presentations and discussion from experts from the OceanICU consortium. The masterclass-style presentations are available via pdf.

Hear our scientists discussing the current state of knowledge about the Biological Carbon Pump and how OceanICU is aiming to fill significant knowledge gaps.

Gain some insights into the research going on in the OceanICU project from our blogs.

Are you interested to know that a pod of minke whales off the coast of Svalbard, Norway excrete 600 tonnes of poo a day and how this is related to ocean carbon? Read Why whales are important in the Oceanic Carbon Cycle to learn about the research taking place as part of the OceanICU investigation by Carla Freitas and Morten Skogen.

Why is everybody talking about fish? Fiona Culhane and Paula Silva, Post-docs who recently joined the OceanICU project, take the time to explain the important role fish may or may not play on the ocean carbon process in a friendly blog. Talking Fish, Fisheries and the Carbon Cycle.

How will new knowledge from OceanICU contribute to Ocean Literacy? Nathalie Van Isacker explains how tools like the European Atlas of the Seas will be used to help educators and stakeholders wishing to visualise information about the ocean. Read her blog, featuring a good introduction to the European Atlas of the Seas: OceanICU and Wider Society.

Connecting OceanICU to end users

We are actively engaging with Blue Economy Industries, Policy Makers, Educators and European Youth (between 16 to 30) to develop and deepen their understanding of ocean carbon and the crucial role the ocean  plays in regulating the  global climate.

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March 8th: International Women’s Day

OceanICU is a Horizon EU and UKRI funded project that will provide fundamental knowledge and tools to help policy makers, regulators and ocean users understand and manage the impact of their actions and decisions on Ocean carbon (C) and hence on climate. 

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