Webinar and Workshop Series Planned

Since September is traditionally back to school time and you are never too old or qualified to learn or share or play (collaborate) with others, OceanICU is launching its informative webinar and workshop series tailored to specific or general audiences, to share knowledge and skills and discuss various themes associated with Ocean carbon and the project’s pursuit of enhancing our understanding of its processes.

More than just lectures and presentations, webinars will also include panel discussions among world-class experts, and may take on the form of interactive virtual workshops with guided hands-on activities and, where possible, with instructional learning objects designed to help participants gain a measurable understanding of the workshop theme.

The first webinar will be hosted by Richard Sanders (September 20) and will focus on the Ocean Carbon cycle. Following this, online events will take place every second month and will be led by different members of the OceanICU team; video recordings will be available via the OceanICU website.

Also, in the works for September/October time frame is a 3-hour virtual hands-on workshop during which participants will be able to set up, run and analyse an OceanICU biogeochemical model (MOPS, ERSEM, BFM) for a geographic location of their choice. The workshop will cover the concept of water column models, how to configure biogeochemical models (parameterisation, initial conditions, etc.), run simulations, and explore results. 

Details about our webinars and workshops will be made available on the Events Section of our website.