The Future is Fish Carbon

There are many facets to the OceanICU investigation, one of which is understanding the potential role that fish play in the global carbon cycle, how their role may have changed as a result of fishing, and how fishery activities might be managed to maximise climate and fisheries benefits. Coming to you this autumn, OceanICU will launch its first thematic campaign: The Role of Fish Carbon.

In early September, we are planning events and activities to address recent reports, such as the EC Common Fisheries Policy Package, (released Feb 2023) policy briefs for Conference of Parties (COP) and Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction (BBNJ) from the Fish Carbon Monaco workshop (Mar 2023), and outcomes from the ICES CIEM Workshop on Assessing the Impact of Fishing on Oceanic Carbon (Apr, 23) as well as engaging with stakeholders at the Ocean Twilight Zone: Biodiversity, Ecology & the Biological Carbon Pump in the Ocean Twilight Zone (Sep 13).

Events will include a webinar focused on the role fish play on the biological carbon pump and a series of stakeholder workshops, in addition to blogs, video clips and articles exploring this important aspect of understanding Ocean carbon uptake.

Details about these activities will be provided on our website.