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OceanICU Inaugural Webinar

We are pleased to welcome you to the first webinar in a series of insightful events exploring how the OceanICU project is working towards filling fundamental knowledge gaps about the Ocean carbon processes, how it is impacted by human activity and how we can provide the right information and tools for industry, policy makers and society to better manage our environment.

Please register today and stay tuned for more information.


Andrew Watson FRS

Royal Society Research Professor, Global Systems Institute, University of Exeter

Carla Freitas

Senior Researcher, Marine Biologist, Institute of Marine Research in Norway, with focus on top predator ecology

Morten D. Skogen

 Research Scientist, Ecosystem Modelling Institute of Marine Research, Bergen Norway

Pernille Schnoor

Senior Researcher, Ocean Social Scientist, World Maritime University. Former member of the Danish Parliament

Registration is now closed, however if you send an email to hello@ocean-icu.eu we will send you the link to access the webinar!